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Acoustex Insulation Product Range

Acoustex supplies a wide range of Sound Deadening, Acoustic Insulation and Extruded Products to the Automotive Assembly Industry.

  • Sound Deadening Components: Melt-on, Magnetic or Adhesive-Coated
  • Sound Insulation Components: Moulded Heavy Layer With Moulded Polyurethane Foam, Moulded Heavy Layer With Laminated Foam or Felt, Moulded Resin-Bonded Felt
  • Sound Deadening Assemblies: Sound Deadening Pads pre-applied to sheetmetal assemblies
  • Extruded Rubber Components: Extruded EPDM Rubber Drain Hoses, Other Rubber Extruded Products
  • Extruded Glass Run Channel Products: Flocked EPDM Rubber for sliding windows, single or double extrusion
  • Extruded Butyl Tape Products: Tacky Butyl Sealing Tape in various sizes
sound deadeners 3
sound deadeners 2
sound deadeners 1
sound deadener firewall assembly
moulded dash outer insulator
sound deadeners 4

Acoustex Trim Product Range

Acoustex Trim produces Automotive Carpets, Parcel Trays, Tailgate Covers, Back Panel Covers, Injection-Moulded parts and Tonneau Covers

  • Automotive Carpets are produced with either Needle-Fleece or Vinyl covering
  • Parcel Trays can be produced with natural fibre or polypropylene
  • Back Panel Covers are produced with Needle-Fleece covering
  • Injection-Moulded parts are produced in a range of materials, as specified by our customers
  • Tonneau Covers are fabricated in-house from superior materials and are available for most popular models


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